Helen Tang, RPC, CHt, CMA

Helen Tang RPC, CHt, CMA

Surrey Counselling & Hypnotherapy



Advanced Clinical Hypnosis & Strategic Therapy
Anxiety/panic attacks
Depression & stress management
Fears & phobias
Hypnosis for birthing (HypnoBirthing)
Public speaking
Self-esteem issues
Perfectionism and being self critical

Research shows that hypnotherapy is effective in:
Stress management
(72% improvement in stress-related conditions)
Phobia reduction (50% improvement in fear of flying)
Pain control
(72% of those who use hypnosis during childbirth 
require no pain medication) 
Coping with anxiety and depression

Surrey Hypnotherapy, Helen Tang, RPC, MPCP, CHt, CMA

Surrey Hypnotherapy, Helen Tang, RPC, MPCP, CHt, CMA

Hypnotherapy / Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a natural state of mind. People who have experienced this state often describe it as calming and relaxing. This state is characterized by focused attention, increased suggestibility and heightened imagination and creativity.

While in hypnosis, we have much fuller access to our mind than we normally do, specifically, the access to our deep subconscious level. This is the level where our belief system, feelings, memories and inner resources are stored.

Most people don't know how to fully access their mind to address issues and challenges in life. This is why hypnotherapy can potentially be utilized to help people:

  • Recognize and overcome limiting beliefs
  • Break unwanted patterns
  • Resolve negative or traumatic events from the past
  • Access inner power to overcome psychological barriers
  • Handle stressors in life more calmly without resorting to unhealthy habits
  • Contain anxiety, reactivity and develop more emotional intelligence
  • Enhance the capacity for learning of new life skills

I am a Registered Counsellor and a Clinical Hypnotherapist. I have experience and extensive specialized training in Advanced Strategic Hypnotherapy with some of world's top experts in the field of hypnosis and hypnotherapy. 

While some issues in life are straightforward, others are more in-depth. Instead of working simplistically by relieving the symptom, often times, I work with the root cause underneath the symptom to address the core. This way of working is cleaner and more beneficial to create lasting changes in the long run. 

I custom tailor my approach based on who you are and what you are dealing with. My background as a psychotherapist allows me more in-depth understanding of human psychology. 

In addition to the work we do in sessions, I also provide MP3 and CDs for you to take home for additional support and reinforcement between visits. 

While some of my clients choose to engage in either traditional counselling or hypnotherapy with me, most prefer an integrated counselling & hypnotherapy approach which can be particularly powerful and effective. This integrated approach engages you at two different levels, the alignment of your conscious awareness, targeted effort and subconscious shift can potentially bring about changes more deeply and quickly. 

Some of my specialties include:

  • Anxiety & Panic Attacks
  • Depression & Stress Management
  • Fears & Phobias
  • Anger Management & Difficulties in Communication & Interpersonal issues
  • Low Self Esteem
  • Perfectionism and being Self Critical
  • Public Speaking
  • Sleeping Problems
  • Pregnancy & Labour (including turning a breech)
  • Hypnosis for Birthing
  • HypnoBirthing
  • Weight Management
  • Infertility
  •  Enhanced Motivation

What Makes Me Different from Other Hypnotherapists?

Extensive advanced training in clinical hypnotherapy:  I have received hundreds of hours of advanced training in clinical hypnotherapy, many of them with some of my world's top experts in the field of clinical hypnotherapy. Because of the diverse nature of my training, I am able to offer you a custom tailored approach that is unique to your issue, rather than a one glove fits all approach. 

My background as a professional counsellor:  Hypnosis in and of itself does nothing, it only becomes powerful when hypnosis is used as an adjunct tool in a therapeutic context, hence, the name hypno-therapy. As a Registered Professional Counsellor, I am trained to do therapy and my education enables me to have an in depth understanding of human psychology and ways how changes can happen for the better. Having this professional background allows me to offer you hypnotherapy in a way that is comprehensive, in depth and well-timed based on your stage of readiness. It also means that I am able to pull in more than one approach when an issue is more complex than what hypnotherapy alone can address. 

Teaching & learning:  I love teaching people self hypnosis skills so they have take away tools that can be used immediately in real life. Self hypnosis skills not only help people deal with stress, anxiety and unruly emotions, it also helps them tap into powerful inner resources that they never know existed. I record all my hypnosis sessions so clients can have an MP3 recording to take home with to further develop and refine this very important skill. 

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