Helen Tang, RPC, CHt, CMA

Helen Tang RPC, CHt, CMA

Surrey Counselling & Hypnotherapy

Client Testimonials

Individual Counselling,  Marriage / Couples Counselling, & Hypnotherapy Testimonials

"Helen used her considerable skill to assist me in overcoming a long standing emotional obstacle. Her presence, attention, focus and compassion helped me to deeply understand and release some long standing internal tension. I am truly grateful to Helen for this remarkable shift in my life."

H.Q. - Surrey, BC

"The couples counselling with you has helped us greatly in our relationship.  We still have our moments of not being tuned in to each other, but having done the work we did with you, it is easier to understand why we react a certain way.  This understanding also helps us listen to the other person and be less confrontational."

J & K - Couple in their 30's

"Helen, I can not thank you enough for teaching S and I the gift of appreciations.  The tools you have been teaching us are working.  I am gaining strength and lots of insights.  There has been a shift between S and I and it has been incredible.  We are talking, listening, and looking into each others' eyes, taught to us by you, our teacher."

C & S - Couple in their 50's

"I have had a life long struggle with depression.  My childhood and adult life has had a great deal of loss and abuse.  This affected me deeply and I became very sick with disordered eating and addiction. 

My work with Helen has uplifted me to a new level.  Using the skills and tools I have learned from Helen is changing my life.  For the very first time ever, I have a sense of inner peace.  I believe Helen to be a gift.  She offers invaluable insights and tremendous focus.    I am very grateful for her skilled expertise and compassionate heart."

C.F. - White Rock, BC

"Infertility can be an incredibly stressful life event that can impact all areas of your life. Helen used her hypnotherapy skills to assist me to use mind-body techniques to help create balance and harmony and become more confident in my body’s ability to become pregnant. Not only did I learn some valuable skills and hypnotherapy techniques, I am happy to say that I became pregnant. I wanted to build on the hypnotherapy skills Helen had taught me, so my husband and I have just completed Helen’s HypnoBirthing classes. We both enjoyed these classes and are excited to use the HypnoBirthing techniques as we welcome our first child into the world."

A.W. - White Rock, BC

HypnoBirthing Testimonials

" "The HypnoBirthing training truly made our birthing experience as positive and stress-free as it could be. Thank you again for all your help and awesome teaching, Helen. We will definitely recommend the HypnoBirthing classes to any of our friends who become pregnant in the future."

---Toni Thompson

 "The program is very well put together. I am a firm believer in the idea that the success of any program is heavily weighted in the abilities of the instructor - Helen is excellent."

--- Ryan, HypnoBirthing dad

Helen, thanks again for the preparation. It was really valuable! I was so happy I got to experience a birth with no drugs and while the epidural during my first delivery was what saved me from having surgery, I felt almost redeemed this time around. From the time my waters released to birth was less than 3 hours. A stark contrast to 31 hours last time. I'm shocked to see how different two labours can be for the same person, how different and more difficult a posterior labour is after experiencing both, and really wish I'd had Hypnobirthing on my side last time!

--- Corrie, second time mom

"My friends and family are very impressed that we had a natural home birth. Thank you again for the sessions, this could not have been achieved without the preparation mentally and physically."

--- Nicole E.

"Everything about this program is amazing and has made me feel absolutely wonderful and excited to give birth. I love everything about the whole experience!"

--- Angie

"It was an honour to have Helen Tang and HypnoBirthing be a part of our pregnancy process. As this was our first pregnancy, we knew right away that we wanted our experience to be calm, peaceful, and loving. Instantly in our first session, we knew we had made the right decision as Helen's voice soothed away our tensions and helped us reach a beautifully relaxed state. Working on our fears and eliminating any negative subconscious energies was terrific for us. During my labour, I will always remember the most beautiful 20 minute visualization that my husband gave me, thanks to all of his training with Helen. HypnoBirthing with Helen Tang is a must for all pregnant couples!"

--- Bliss Prema, Yoga instructor

"A fantastic program which has undoubtedly put giving birth in a whole new light for us! As a birthing companion, I feel I now have the tools to do my job on the day. We're now fully excited! "

--- Anthony, HypnoBirthing dad

"Dear Helen, thank you for being our hypnotherapist. Your contribution helped make our birth so beautiful."

--- R.K. Vancouver