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You know you want to lose weight, you know all the emotional and health reasons why you need to lose weight, yet time after time, you find yourself having trouble releasing those extra weight despite your best effort.  You may have faithfully followed some diet program, only to gain back all the weight, plus some more. 

The reason most people fail at managing their weight is because the approach they use is too simplistic.  Dieting alone will end in failure for most people.  This is because often times, weight is an emotional issue for people. 

Dieting only addresses the food factor, what food you eat and how much you eat; it does not address why you eat and other factors outside of food. Many times, people eat to distract themselves from having to deal with certain emotions like pain, frustration, boredom, stress, anger, guilt and etc.  Other times, food becomes more than what it is when people start to associate it with comfort and love.  Eating is also a habit that we become conditioned to over time, this means we sometimes eat out of habit, instead of hunger.  Over time, our body has been conditioned to expect certain food at certain time, our eating habit therefore becomes an automatic and unconscious behaviour. 

Because weight is an emotional issue for people, programs that address only the physical aspect of the weight management are only going to have limited success.  They are limited because without addressing the deeper underlying emotional factors, the weight loss is not going to be sustainable. 

All of our emotions, beliefs and habits are stored in our subconscious mind, therefore, how we eat, why we eat and other emotional factors as to why we hold on to our weight are driven by forces from the subconscious level.  Food is only part of the equation. Sometimes, despite a healthy eating pattern and a regular exercise routine, some people still have trouble releasing weight.  They often feel that there is an emotional block that prevents them from achieving the outcome they desire. 

This is why an integrated approach can be such a wonderful tool in dealing with deeper, underlying issues related to weight. In addition to counselling, hypnotherapy is another powerful tool that I use in working with weight issues.  Hypnotherapy is only used if the client feels comfortable with this modality and gives their consent. By working together, I will support you to: 

  • Uncover and examine the real reasons behind why you haven't been able to release those extra weight 
  • Modify belief system or habits that contribute to weight gain
  • Learn about using healthy and empowering strategies to deal with feelings and emotions instead of food
    or any other substitute
  • Create long-term, sustainable patterns of positive eating behaviours and physical routines. 

This is not just another attempt at weight loss; you'll learn to create a healthy and sustainable life style that ultimately contributes to your overall sense of well-being.

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